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Part 4 of Tent Lighting Series

June 12, 2013 2 min read

If you are correctly setting the “white balance” on your camera but your images have color issues, the QP Color Card system is an affordable color correction method.


After you set the best white balance in the camera you then simply insert the QP Color card in the tent and take a shot of it. Then continue your product(s) photography task. You then transfer your images to a single directory in your computer. Open the QP color software and then open the image with the QP color card that was photographed. When the software has captured the color profile file you instruct your computer to process all of the image files in the directory. This process perfectly color corrects all of the images and you are done.


TOP: Before


If you have a RAW color format setting on the camera, you might want to use it if you desire better image control. It will give you tremendous control over your color and exposure versus shooting Jpegs. Once you shoot a Jpeg, the color settings are now part of the file and making large color adjustments may distort some of the colors. The RAW file allows you to adjust the color easily after the image capture. That being said, it’s best to get the color as accurate as possible from the start. Auto color settings are hit or miss, depending on your light source. If you know exactly what type of light you are using (daylight, tungsten, etc.), set that on the camera. It will generally get you much closer in color accuracy than the auto color setting. The closer you are to the true color, especially with a Jpeg, the fewer adjustments you need to make after the shoot. Make sure you turn off the camera’s flash when shooting.


For more help on calibrating your QPcard you can visit their website

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