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January 01, 2014 1 min read 1 Comment

Visit us at: www.alzodigital.com & www.alzovideo.com

Contact us at: (800) 582-7009 | csupport@alzodigital.com

ALZO Digital is a designer and manufacturer of innovative photography and video equipment, with the goal to keep quality high and prices low. We constantly follow developments in technology and create unique solutions based on the ever-changing needs of photographers and videographers, as a result of close collaboration with professionals. For video recording, our selection includes power LED lights, on-camera LED lights, overhead lights, video camera stabilizers, DSLR rigs, stereo microphones incl. wireless, HDMI cables for DSLR cameras, and various mounting devices. For product and portrait photography, ALZO Digital offers CFL photo lights, reflectors and diffusers, light stands and tripods, camera flash brackets, softboxes, photo tents, photo backgrounds, equipment cases, and camera and light mounts. ALZO CFL light bulbs are very popular among photographers, and are available in different wattage and color temperatures. The daylight color temperature light bulbs are also used for treatment of S.A.D. or winter blues. We offer excellent and honest customer service that focuses on your needs, and not on what we want to sell.

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April 25, 2018

Flash Camera Bracket Umbrella Kit with one flash space only. Do you have it and how much is it?

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