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NEW: 8 in Barndoors with Fresnel Lens

February 25, 2014 1 min read

The new ALZO 8 in Fresnel Barndoors with a mounted Fresnel lens are suited for the ALZO 3000 High Intensity LED video light, or for any light with an 8 in reflector. The included magnetic strips allow you to place a gel in front of the lens, giving you additional control over the light spill. (gels are not included)



fresnel-barndoor-test-1-open-light-300w ALZO 3000 without Fresnel barndoor with 9 foot wide background

fresnel-barndoor-test-3-fresnel-barndoor-300ALZO 3000 with Fresnel barndoor

fresnel-barndoor-test-4-fresnel-barndoor-300wALZO 3000 with Fresnel barndoor vertical slit

fresnel-barndoor-test-5-fresnel-barndoor-300wALZO 3000 with Fresnel barndoor horizontal slit


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