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The ALZO Suction Mount

September 18, 2014 2 min read

Are you ready for the best selfie news you’re about to hear all day? Good because we are too!

We are announcing the ALZO Suction Mount for your cars, windows, and mirrors! The picture shown below is a model with the standard ball head has a quick release.



The ALZO Suction Mount has an air pump inside that creates a beautiful vacuum seal which makes it able to attach to mostly any flat surface! The rim (pictured above) allows for the vacuum seal to do it’s thing. There are countless uses for a mount like this, got a shoot to do in the car? ALZO Suction mount it up and get amazing quality light, sound, and video in your personal studio (also known as your car)! Got a shoot to do in the middle of no where and all you have is your car? Great! Throw the ALZO Suction mount on the outside windows of your car, and you don’t even need that assistant who you secretly think is stealing sips from your coffee when you’re not looking. Are you doing a Makeup or Hair tutorial? Obviously you look great already,but why not add in the ALZO Suction Mount to help you take the best possible video of that gorgeous face of yours?


suctionMount_goPro2 suctionMount_goPro


You can even attach your GoPro just as easily as you can your regular camera!

suctionMount_gear suctionMount_door sutionMount_wall



the flex arm is used with the suction mount, as a flexible extension that allows you to position a camera or a light at any angle. This won’t work for a driving car, due to the lack of stabilization while in motion, but will work for a fixed mount to a door or a window. The Flex arm is sold separately.


The ALZO Suction Mount is now available!




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