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Brad Paid Us a Visit

October 17, 2014 1 min read

Photographing Highly Reflective Objects20141013_330-600w


picture above:

Photographer Brad Stanton was in the studio on October 8, 2014, shooting pillows and other products stuffed with soft material, for a client that manufactures stuffing (not the kind that goes into the turkey). All products were wrapped in plastic, creating a highly reflective surface, which requires the use of bounce light; this means the light source can’t be pointed at the object, but at a surface surrounding the object, in this case the ceiling. Brad’s light source were four flashes (strobes) at 400W each.20141013_341-600w


picture above:

Brad uses an ipad to control the camera and its functions, incl. aperture, shutter speed, shutter release etc. The iPad provides a large display, which makes it easy to find the functions. With this setup, you no longer have to touch the camera, potentially disturbing the set frame. In order to operate your DSLR camera with an iPad as a remote control, you need to install a transmitter/receiver on the camera that receives the signals from the iPad and sends back the data from the camera.20141013_345-600w

picture above:

This picture shows Brad working on focus stacking. In this process, several pictures of the object are taken at multiple focal points, and then in post production, combined by a program into one dynamic image to obtain maximum depth of field.

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