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October 22, 2014 2 min read

Part 1: ALZO Macro Tabletop Overview

The ALZO Macro Tabletop is a baseboard and adjustable column stand that will hold a camera pointing straight down for primarily photographing flat 2- dimensional subjects and 3-dimensional subjects that are best viewed lying down. Column height adjustability puts the lens of the camera (depending on type of camera/lens combination) at about 8″ at the lowest position and about 27″ at the highest position. The column leans toward the center of the baseboard at about a 10 degree angle to move the camera in as it rises to help keep it centered over larger subjects. In some cases, whether using a light tent on the tabletop or just to get the camera further out over the tabletop, we advise the use of the ALZO Ball Head firmly attached to the existing quick release plate of the head of the column. That will allow about another 4″ extension of the camera over the baseboard. This comes in very handy when utilizing a 14″ light tent to center the camera directly over the center of the light tent and/or when using a longer focal length lens or longer zoom setting. The bundled 10″ light tent does not need the extension in most cases.





Without the extra ALZO Ball Head, the camera would need to be elevated to the very top of the column to center over the 14″ light tent and that may put the camera too far away from your subject to have the image fill the entire camera frame. The less you fill the camera frame, the more you need to enlarge the image on the computer, which degrades image quality. More extension also allows more versatility of subject placement and also the ability to work with larger subjects. The ALZO Ball Head gives you more adjustability with camera tilt and rotation for subjects that may require certain positioning or angles. The standard head attached to the column only allows for up and down repositioning. For larger highly reflective subjects, the 14″ light tent works well on the baseboard and does not extend over the edges of the baseboard so it stays more stable.

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