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Operating a Camera From a Wheelchair

October 27, 2014 2 min read

When you’re bound to a wheelchair, like our new customer Tim McCloskey, operating a camera can be a challenge. Tim recently started a photography class, taking lots of pictures with his DSLR camera. With limited strength in his arms, holding up the camera has proven to be tiresome, which is why he was looking for a way to attach the camera to his wheelchair.

Tim McCloskey

Tim McCloskey



ALZO Super Clamp



Tim looking through the viewfinder with ease.

Tim showed up at our doorstep, told us what he needed, and luckily we had a solution for him: a combination of the ALZO Super Clamp and the Flexi Arm, with a few smaller accessories. The Super Clamp is a heavy-duty clamping device that attaches to metal bars, with a 5/8 in metal stud that connects to the Flexi Arm. The Flexi Arm is a metal (stainless steel) coiled spring that bends and can hold up to 2kg without giving way. (The Flexi Arm will be available for sale in a few weeks, and will be announced on the blog)

The ALZO Super Clamp is attached to his armrest and connected to the Flexi Arm. Depending on what his assignment is, Tim also uses the ALZO Ball Head Camera Support with a Quick Release, which allows him to tilt the camera in any direction, or the ALZO Camera Flipper to quickly change from horizontal to vertical orientation. The wired shutter release eliminates the need for him to lift his arms and push the button. For zooming and focus pulls, he uses the ALZO Smoothy Zoom Focus Assist.


Tim using the ALZO Smoothy Zoom Focus Assist. Works like a charm!

With this setup, Tim can place the camera right in front of his eyes and is ready to fire away.





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