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ALZO LED Lights Used in Blue Line Production

March 10, 2015 2 min read

Cinematographer Christopher Bye reviews the ALZO 3000 LED Lights he used for shooting “Blue Line“, a heist movie currently in production. The scenes with the ALZO LED lights in it were all shot in Cromwell, Connecticut.

The ALZO LED lighting package really saved us a few times throughout the production. The daylight color temperature was very close to the HMIs and we were able to use them in together very well throughout. Whenever an HMI was in play on set, there was always an ALZO LED light to complement or accentuate that source. The ALZO LEDs were great because of their fast setup time, high output, and small design. The ALZO 3300 we used as a daylight source for night for day interiors, which was surprising (usually we would use our 1200w HMI). There were a lot of times throughout production that we didn’t have time to set an HMI, and the ALZO LEDs were so easy and quick to setup that we could have a daylight source up in minutes. We had a lot of daylight scenes where we needed to fill a large space with daylight temperature and the ALZO LEDs were the solution. Bouncing them into bead boards in a diner scene filled the space and eliminated the need for the unattractive fluorescent lighting that was present. The size of the ALZOs were critical for us as well. We had a basement scene where I wanted a beam of light coming in from outside from a small window. However, outside the window was recessed into the foundation making it difficult to fit an HMI into the spot. Once we finally managed to get the HMI into position, it almost immediately starting burning the leaves and debris that was underneath, creating a safety hazard. We quickly switched it out to the ALZO 3300 LED, and we were in business. It was snowing outside and the scene lasted for 6 hours. The ALZO was covered in a trash bag, but it worked all day in the cold and lit our scene very nicely.
In addition, I was never concerned with the ALZO LED light fan noise as I never herd any noise on set.


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