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It’s All About the Sound!

April 10, 2015 1 min read

Today, watching video is a varied experience ranging from small cell phones to giant living room projectors. What remains constant is that quality audio recording and post production attention to audio integrity is essential to engage your audience.

Most cameras produce excellent image quality, including cell phones (see Mashable article of
7 short films shot on cell phones). For quality audio recording, you will need external
quality microphones and a method of shock-mounting the mic to prevent unwanted noise
pickup. The ALZO Shock Multi-Mount mounts on your camcorder or DSLR camera and will
accommodate shotgun microphones and audio recorders such as the Zoom H series (H4n,
H5, H6). This device suspends the mic or recorder with rubber bands to absorb shocks and
handling noise. In post production, it is important to enhance the audio with compression, EQ
and echo to enliven it. Superior sound quality brings the motion and the characters to
life, and distinguishes professional from amateur works.

Our advice is to invest in a good microphone or wireless mic and possibly an audio mixer,
such as those made by AZDEN, and support them with the ALZO Shock Multi-Mount.

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