Lightly Used Universal Tripod Dolly – ALZO Digital

Lightly Used Universal Tripod Dolly

Lightly Used Universal Tripod Dolly has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

ALZO Digital


  • Very lightly used in our studio - some minor cosmetic paint scratches
  • Fully functional
  • Easy open spreaders with spring pin locks
  • 3 inches hard rubber ball bearing swivel wheels with foot-actuated locks
  • Thumb wheel screw clamps grip all types of tripod
  • Integral carry handle
This Universal Tripod Dolly securely clamps to any camera tripod feet allowing for rolling a tripod on a smooth hard surface. The dolly includes 3 inch hard rubber wheels and foot actuated wheel locks and releases. Can be used for dolly motion shooting on smooth hard floors with some practice. The dolly folds easily for storage. Weighs 5 pounds.

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