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Sony/Minolta Wireless Flash Adaptor

This adaptor allows Sony and Konica Minolta flash units to easily operate with an ALZO wireless flash trigger. Ideal for using a Sony flash as a remote wireless triggered flash. Flash must be set to manual mode. Compatible with the following Sony Flash models: HVL-F42AM, HVL-F58AM, HVL-F56AM, HVL-F36AM, HVL-F32X; also compatible will all flashes with Sony/Minolta style hot shoe. The PC connection attaches to the ALZO Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver and 'PC' type trigger cords; the bottom hot shoe attaches to ALZO Porta-Flash Ultra Light Kits, ALZO Flash Umbrella Mount, ALZO Mini Softbox, Off camera shoe cord for auto flash, and to most digital cameras.