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NISSIN Di466 Power Zoom Speedlite for Canon ETTL




NISSIN Di466 Power Zoom Speedlite for Canon ETTL

  • Guide number is 106 feet/33m at ISO 100 at 105mm zoom
  • Compatible with Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II
  • Includes TTL flash compensation (+/- EV control)
  • Reliable exposure under all typical shooting situations
  • Power zoom feature, auto adjustment for lenses from 24mm to 105mm (35mm equivalent)

This powerful portable flash is compatible with Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II. The power zoom covers lenses from 24mm to 105mm (35mm equivalent) and provides reliable exposure under all typical shooting situations. Features: Guide no. 33m/106ft at 105mm ISO 100 with TTL flash compensation and 3.8 sec. recycle time. The bounce head turns 90 degrees upward; catch light reflector and wide angle (16mm) diffuser built in. Wireless slave flash with power ratio down to 1/32 (1 EV step) with energy saving circuit and quick-loading battery cartridge. The elegantly simple design of the NISSIN Power Zoom portable flash is an unsurpassed winner. These solid flashes are a perfect companion for the ALZO Flip Flash Mini-Softbox Kit or the ALZO Flip Flash umbrella Kit. Note: this flash includes a wireless slave mode that works with an on-camera Nissin Flash or a compatible Canon camera operating in TTL mode with any TTL flash or the on-camera flash. This flash will not work with wireless flash triggers that connect to the hot shoe. These flashlights are for digital cameras only and will not work on older film cameras.

  • Fast recycle time of 3.8 seconds
  • Auto adjust to zoom lens focal length
  • Wireless optical slave trigger mode for off-camera multi-flash usage; can complement the on-camera flash
  • Shoe mount is plastic
  • Do not use nickel zinc nizn batteries; putting zinc nizn batteries in the flash will void the warranty
  • Autofocus assist light in front o the flash
  • Self contained pop-up reflector card and flash diffuser lens for 80/20 ceiling bounce
  • TTL exposure compensation +/- 2 f stops (EV)
  • Manual operation with 1/32 to full power in 6 steps
  • Full 90 degree vertical head tilt adjustment with angle stops and markings; head does not rotate
  • 3.8 seconds recycle time at full power
  • 200 flashes per set of batteries
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Requires TTL extension sync cord for off camera usage