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Barndoor with Fixed Focus 8 Inch Fresnel Lens


ALZO Digital


Barndoor with Fixed Focus 8 Inch Fresnel Lens

  • 8 inch round glass Fresnel lens mounted to barndoor
  • All aluminum matte powder coated construction
  • Attaches to the rim of the 8-inch reflector
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Includes 4 magnetic gel holders that connect to the steel strips on the frame

These Fresnel barndoors are a versatile tool for spotlighting and light spill control. The lens focuses the light, increasing the through, while offering a smooth light falloff, preventing harsh edges. The barndoors rotate 360 and each vane can swing a full 180. They attach to the rim of the ALZO 8 inch Par reflector with a spring clip. The flat mounting frame includes 4 magnets that can hold 8-inch x 8-inch color gels, due to the fact that the ALZO lights do not burn up gels, they can be left in place on the frame of the barndoors without fading or melting.

  • Work with all ALZO 3000 series LED lights