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ALZO Wall Mount Studio Boom Arm

  • 180 degree horizontal swing range and up or down 45 degree vertical tilt
  • Supports all ALZO light heads up to 8 pounds
  • Standard 5/8 inch light mount stud end
  • Minimum extension is 45 inches, max extension 82 inches
  • Wall mount bracket includes 4 large bolt holes and 8 screw holes

The ALZO Wall Mount Studio Boom is convenient for small studios when light stands will clutter the working space. This method of light support is much less costly than a ceiling suspension system. Also, it is an excellent solution as a back light support for any studio. This boom can be used with our wall mount background support system, but will include additional mounting considerations as the backgrounds are positioned several inches off of the wall.

Mounting this boom to a wall requires screwing into wall framing studs or other secure mounting methods.