ALZO ProPod III Fluid Pan Head Video Tripod – ALZO Digital

ALZO ProPod III Fluid Pan Head Video Tripod

ALZO Digital


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  • Tall video tripod with maximum height of 69 inches; max load 8 pounds
  • Composite fluid head with solid and super smooth tilt and pan action
  • Pan and tilt locks; tilt adjustment: 90 degrees up/down
  • 11 inch top height adjustment with rack and pinion crank action
  • Very large 3 X 2 inch camera quick release plate with a 1/4 x 20 camera screw and cork bed
  • Tribod base mounted bubble level

The ProPod III Video Camera Tripod is designed for modern light video cameras, camcorders and DSLRs. This fluid pan head tripod delivers the ultimate in rigid, stable support and uses high strength, lightweight alloy aluminum tubes in a double-strut design. The pan head is constructed of a high carbon composite material with solid metal like qualities.  It has very smooth fluid paning action and includes tilt and pan locks. The arm is reversable allowing for left or right mounting.  The legs of the tripod are the indexed marked with height reference markings, with quick-set twist clamps on each leg. This unique feature allows for precise and repeatable leg alignment. For added stability, the ProPod III tripod base has a center spreader with locking mechanism and rubber/steel spiked leg tips for non-slip traction on any terrain. Dimensions: max height is 69 inches; closed length is 34 inches. Weight: 10 pounds. Load Capacity: recommended maximum camera weight is 8 pounds.

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