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ALZO Large 74 Inch All Metal Ball Head Tripod


ALZO Digital


ALZO Large 74 Inch All Metal Ball Head Tripod

  • All aluminum alloy construction
  • Quick release has safety snap lock to prevent accidental detachment of camera
  • Quick release plate is compatible with ALZO Large Ball Head Tripod and the ALZO Monopod
  • Legs have 3 locked spread angle settings
  • Legs adjusters are solid twist lock

The ALZO Large Ball Head Camera tripod is a very sturdy, all-metal, yet lightweight tripod with a ball head that allows for easy and quick 3-dimensional adjustments, including vertical aspect up to 90 degrees. Ball head tripods adjust much easier and faster than pan head tripods. The foam grip allows for easy handling of the camera tripod, and the adjustable legs with 3 locking spread positions, combined with the ball head's ability to tilt up to 90 degrees, are ideal for overhead photography where the camera needs to lean in. ALZO recommends the ball head camera tripod over pan head tripods for heavier SLR cameras and shooting in a studio. The invertible center riser has a hook for hanging weights that stabilize the tripod. When inverted, bottom-up shots, aka frog perspective, can be taken. The fast clamps are quickly released to adjust the leg height, and the tension can be adjusted with the included wrench. The quick-release plate with a snap lock allows for quick camera removal and also prevents unwanted detachment of the camera.

This product carries an extended 5-year warranty.

  • Center riser adjusts 18 inches
  • Fully extended length is 74 inches
  • Collapsed length is 30 inches