ALZO Dimmable Video Pan-L-Lite Quad-Twin 2-Light Kit without Cases – ALZO Digital

ALZO Dimmable Video Pan-L-Lite Quad-Twin 2-Light Kit without Cases

ALZO Digital


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  • Low cost and ultra fast setup
  • All aluminum, very durable suitcase-style construction
  • Slide dimmers with accurate intensity number markings
  • All lights include 45 degree removable honeycomb filter and fabric diffusers
  • Includes complete sets of 3200K and 5600K ALZO Video-Lux Tube bulbs

The ALZO Dimmable Pan-L-Lite 2-Light Kit without cases is a cost-efficient, easy and quick setup lighting solution for the videographer on the go. The kit consists of 1 Pan-L-Lite Quad light and 1 Twin light, generating a combined light output of 900W Tungsten equivalent, and comes with a soft case for the stands and a telescoping hard case for the light fixtures. All lights come with a removable honeycomb filter and fabric diffusers, and complete sets of U-Tube bulbs in 3200K and 5600K color temperature. The tube bulbs are protected by a removable honeycomb filter that can be used to control the spread of the light. Integral barndoors can be folded flat over the honeycomb filter, thus protecting the tubes and making it very handy for transporting (briefcase-style).

The kit includes:

1 - ALZO Quad Pan-L-Lites
1 - ALZO Twin Pan-L-Lite
3 - Sets of 2 ALZO Video-Lux 55W 5600K
3 - Sets of 2 Video-Lux 55W 3200K
1 - ALZO 10 feet aluminum light stands
1 - ALZO 8 foot aluminum light stand
1 - Dual light connector stud; 3 Fabric Diffusers
2 - 15 feet power cords. Bulbs are shipped separately in cardboard tubes.

  • Light quality has CRI of 91
  • International voltage range of 100-240 volts
  • Integral barn doors also protect tubes when transporting
  • Includes Hard Light Case and Light Stand Case
  • Both light heads and 4 spare tube bulbs fit in the ALZO Hard Case
  • Combined lighting power of 900 watt (1 Quad and 1 Twin) of Tungsten-equivalent
  • Exceptional 7,000 hour bulb life
  • Very economical to operate
  • Replacement for Kino Flo Diva light
  • Saves energy and is Energy Star compliant

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