ALZO Bod-A-Boom Camera Harness – ALZO Digital

ALZO Bod-A-Boom Camera Harness

ALZO Digital


  • The end of arm strain, better than a shoulder rig
  • All sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Suitable for all light camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • Fully adjustable frame has padded shoulder wraps
  • Camera mount (1) is an ALZO Ball Head with quick release and safety
The ALZO Bod-A-Boom camera harness is a fully adjustable hands-free support device for all light camcorders and DSLRs. Ideal for field work that includes long hours of holding up a video camera or DSLR camera. This camera harness distributes the load mostly to your waist (when properly adjusted) so you can work long hours without straining you arms or your back. The ALZO Bod-A-Boom includes an ALZO Ball Mount camera support with secure camera quick release. This allows for Dutch tilts and any camera angle desired. The push button quick tilt adjustable boom allows for getting the camera to your eye or away from the body for interesting up angle shots.

  • Adjustable 2 inch wide waist strap with 2 quick release buckles
  • Boom has push button rapid tilt adjust (5)
  • Textured foam rubber hand grip on boom (3)
  • Padded abdomen plate (6) is 3 x 4 inches
  • For people 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches high
  • Maximum camera weight is 10 pounds
Camera quick release screw: 1/4 in x 20
Ball head mount screw top of boom: 3/8 in x 16
Body frame adjustment range: 11.5 in to 18.5 in
Boom with ball head adjustment range: 17 in to 23.5 in
Adjustment range boom on body frame: 7 in above waist strap
Waist strap adjustment range: up to 56 in

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