ALZO 600-EX 220V Portrait Studio Light Kit with 3 Lights, No Cases – ALZO Digital

ALZO 600-EX 220V Portrait Studio Light Kit with 3 Lights, No Cases

ALZO Digital


  • Super bright, total of 2500 watt Tungsten-equivalent light output; consumes 700 watt (See Photometrics)
  • 24 inches x 24 inches softbox with removable honeycomb
  • Light quality has CRI of 91
  • Variable intensity 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full power
  • Special high reflectance aluminum Interior
The ALZO 600-EX Portrait Studio 3 Light Kit is perfect for use in portrait photography, studio lighting of medium to large objects, and video production. The ALZO 600-EX features a 24 inch x 24 inch softbox and separate switched lights for intensity control. These sturdy, versatile, efficient, professional lights are twice as bright as the ALZO 600 lights. These lights are really cool, very bright and produce a fraction of the heat of conventional continuous hot lights, and have a low power consumption. They use flicker-free photo compact fluorescent bulbs with true daylight color temperature of 5600K that match the ALZO Video-Lux tubes used in the Pan-L-Lites, as well as Kino Flo and Osram lamps. The bulbs have a very long life of about 6,000 hours. The ALZO 600-EX uses four (4) 85 watt CFL bulbs that are each 100% brighter than the bulbs used in the ALZO 600; the ALZO 600 uses four (4) 45W CFL bulbs for each light. These bulbs are supported by a spring clip system that holds them together and prevents socket stress. ALZO 600-EX Cool-Lites are perfect for shooting people, food, plants, animals, scientific and medical applications. You can leave these lights on all day and they won't heat up the room or your subject. This kit includes one (1) ALZO 600-EX light head with four (4) 85W CFL 5600K 220V light bulbs, two (2) ALZO 600 light heads with four (4) 45W CFL 5600K 220V light bulbs and one (1) diffuser each, one (1) 24 inch softbox, two (2) 8 foot light stand, one (1) 10 foot light stand, one (1) semi-hard case, and one (1) 46 inch light stand/tripod soft case.

  • Integral umbrella mount for broad soft lighting
  • Light bulbs have 5600K color temperature and match ALZO Video-Lux, Kino Flo and Osram bulbs
  • Exceptional 6,000 hour bulb life
  • Very economical to operate; Energy Star compliant
  • Ultra simple, fast 'n easy, no tools assembly
  • All aluminum, powder-coated and scratch-resistant textured finish for years of carefree service
  • Proud to be Made in the USA
  • All ALZO 600-EX lights carry a 5-year limited warranty

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