600 Cool Lite Studio Light, 4 Light Kit | ALZO Digital

ALZO 600 Cool Lite Studio Light, 4 Light Kit

ALZO Digital


  • Ultra simple, fast 'n easy, no tools assembly
  • 600 watt Tungsten-equivalent light output with very little heat per light head (See Photometrics)
  • 15 inches x 15 inches built-in softbox with fabric diffuser
  • Integral umbrella mount for broad soft lighting
  • Compatible with ALZO softbox
The ALZO 600 Studio light head is ideal for product and some portrait photography, and video production, including studio lighting of small to medium sized objects, and large tent lighting. Examples: shooting food, plants, animals, scientific, medical and cosmetic applications. You can leave these lights on all day and they won't heat up the room or your subject. The ALZO 600 features unique versatility with separate switched lights for intensity control and a center mounted umbrella mount for broad very soft light. These sturdy, versatile, efficient, professional lights are heavier construction than the ALZO 300 and twice as bright. These lights are really cool, very bright and produce a fraction of the heat of conventional continuous hot lights, and they have low power consumption. The ALZO 600 Cool-Lites use flicker-free photo compact fluorescent bulbs with true daylight color temperature of 5600K that match the ALZO Video-Lux tubes used in the Pan-L-Lites, as well as Kino Flo and Osram lamps. The bulbs have a very long life of about 10,000 hours. It is not recommended to mix this light with other sources other than ALZO Cool Lites. These lights can be used for digital head shot portrait photography, but must be used 4-6 feet from the subject. This model includes 4 ALZO 600 light heads with sixteen (16) 45W CFL bulbs and 4 light stands.

  • Light quality has CRI of 91
  • Variable Intensity 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full power
  • Bulbs have 5600K color temperature and match ALZO Video-Lux, Kino Flo and Osram bulbs
  • Exceptional 10,000 hour bulb life
  • Very economical to operate
  • All aluminum, powder-coated scratch resistant, textured finish for years of carefree service
  • Proud to be Made in the USA
  • This light is Energy Star compliant

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