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ALZO 3300 Ultra High Power LED Video Light with Barndoor and Light Stand


ALZO Digital


ALZO 3300 Ultra High Power LED Video Light with Barndoor and Light Stand

  • Light output is 22,000 Lux at 1m (3.3 feet), equivalent to an Incandescent 3000 or HID 600 (See Photometrics)
  • Daylight color temperature 5300K (plus/minus 200K) with CRI of 86
  • Flicker-free dimming produces continuous light output, suitable for very high frame rate video
  • Includes separate 117-volt only power supply with stand mount clamp and dimmer. Does not operate at 220 volts.
  • Includes removable 8 inch Par reflector and umbrella mount

The ALZO 3300 Ultra High Power LED video light is affordable and energy efficient, perfect for video production. Without a modifier, it is a hard light like a Par or a Fresnel. When used with a softbox, umbrella or a diffuser, it can create a very soft light. With this distinction, the ALZO 3300 is more versatile and adaptable than most of the LED video lights available today. The ALZO 3300 includes a separate power supply unit (PSU) with a clamp for light stand mounting. The PSU has attached AC and DC power cords, and the PSU acts as a bobbin to store the cords wrapped around the chassis.

The energy efficiency of the ALZO 3300 Ultra High Power LED video light is excellent. Consuming only 350 watt of energy, this light produces 22,000 Lux at 1m, which is equivalent to a 3000-watt incandescent or an HMI 600; the CRI is 86. With this low power consumption, it can be used with very long power cords (117 volts 300 feet 18 gauge). In addition, up to 4 of these lights can be powered by a single 15 amp 117-volt circuit; it can also be powered by an inverter or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for remote locations. Includes removable 8 inch PAR reflector, umbrella mount and 8-inch barndoor and a 10-foot aluminum light stand.

  • Many light modifiers available including barndoors, Par reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes
  • This kit includes 4 vane barndoors and a 10 foot light stand
  • Optional speedring for use with Chimera and Photoflex softboxes
  • LED bulb life is very long at about 40,000 hours full power; low power usage greatly extends LED life
  • Internal cooling fan emits less than 5db of noise in front of light
  • Dimmable in five (5) 1/2 f-stop steps