ALZO 16x9 Bi-Color LED Panel Light 830, 3-Light Kit – ALZO Digital

ALZO 16x9 Bi-Color LED Panel Light 830, 3-Light Kit

ALZO Digital


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  • Includes 3 ALZO 16x9 LED Panel lights with stands and cases
  • Equivalent to 1500 watt of incandescent light (all lights)
  • Light quality has CRI of 92
  • All lights have variable color temperature and intensity
  • Exceptional 80,000-hour full power life

Unlike most square LED lights on the market today, the ALZO 16x9 LED panel lights output rectangular HD format light. If you record in HD video, you need a 16x9 format light. The economical ALZO 800 video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects and performing other studio and location work. Use it with the supplied AC adapter for continuous shooting, or attach 1 or 2 Li-ion batteries for off-grid work. The ALZO 16x9 LED Panel Light 800 eliminates the need for color correction gels and therefore is a much brighter light source. Constructed with 400 warm white and 400 cool white LEDs and a control circuit that allows for color temperature adjustment. The ALZO 800 light is perfect for use with all video cameras or camcorders and for DSLR video recording as well. The LEDs are beam focused to 30 degrees and effectively concentrate the light on the subject. Maximum working distance is 16 feet (5.5 meters). When using 2 batteries with the light, the batteries should be the same age and have the same charge level. Accepts Sony-style Li-ion battery options including: NP-Fh50, Fh30, Fh70, Fh100, NP-F550, F750, F960, F570, F770 & F970. This kit includes one (1) ALZO 16x9 LED Panel 800 Light, two (2) ALZO 16x9 LED Panel 500 Lights, three (3) 8 inch light stands, one (1) semi-hard equipment case, and one (1) light stand/tripod case.

  • Maximum power consumption is 120 watt
  • Saves energy, is environmentally friendly and is Energy Star Compliant
  • HD designed 16x9 format LED panel light with 800 or 500 LEDs
  • With 400 or 240 daylight LEDs (CRI 92) and 400 or 240 warm white LEDs
  • Color temperature adjustable from warm 3000K to daylight 5600K
  • LEDs output 3000 or 1700 Lux at 1m full power, at 4500K
  • Dimmable to 300 or 200 Lux at 1m
  • 4 aluminum flat black barndoors
  • 120-240 volt AC adapter (batteries are optional)
  • All metal tilt support and stand mount
  • Battery charge capacity indicator on back panel
  • Accepts up to 2 Sony-style NP-F series Li-ion batteries (optional)
  • Almost 3 hours continuous operation with 2 NP-F770 batteries
  • High brightness, tight beam angle of 30 degrees (1m width at 2m distance)
  • 1/4 x 20 metal screw thread mount on base
  • Accepts Sony-style Li-ion batteries including NP-F550, F750, F960, F570, F770 and F970

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