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ALZO Tent Repackage

We do not recommend repackaging the ALZO 28 inch and 48 inch tents in the small round shipping jacket as shown below. The 28 and 48 inch tents are supplied with square storage jackets to provide flat storage, to reduce wrinkles and to prevent frame damage.

Note: The following procedure can cause the tent frame to twist. For help with a twisted frame, see correcting a twisted tent frame.

Step 1: Fold the Tent

Place the tent on a table, open side facing up, with all components removed.

Holding the tent on the base, push in on the upper right edge towards the opposite edge. The tent will fold in on itself. This action will not break the frame.
Close the tent sides to form a flat square as shown below.

This is the best form to store your tent in the provided square jacket. The next steps will cause the tent fabric to wrinkle and can cause a twisted frame.

Step 2: Compress the Tent

Holding the tent on opposite corners with hands reversed,

twist the metal frame into a figure 8.
Keep twisting and the tent will form into 3 concentric flat circles.
Compact the concentric circles into equal shapes, flat and round.
Slide the tent into the jacket, insert the folded cover and paper grips and zip closed. Store in a dark and dry location.

Correcting a Twisted Tent Frame

Occasionally, the metal frame in the edges of the tent will get internally twisted and cause distortion of the tent. Although it is rare, this can occur when the tent is opened from its compacted form.

This can be corrected by first locating the twisted section of the metal frame (usually in a corner). Grab the metal frame in the middle of the twist and push in and up with a jerk.