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ALZO Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs FAQs

 Q: Will the ALZO bulbs fit in my light fixture?

A: All ALZO CFL light bulbs have a standard E26 medium base and will screw into most lamp sockets. ALZO bulbs are larger than most incandescent light bulbs, and many light fixtures will not accommodate these larger size bulbs. Please check the dimensions of the ALZO bulbs compared to your fixture to assure a fit prior to purchase.

Photo lights: Many customers own Smith Victor Thrifty lights and want to upgrade from incandescent to ALZO fluorescent bulbs. This change requires the use of an ALZO socket extender. In addition, when retrofitting these Smith Victor fixtures, the ALZO CFL bulb will protrude out of the front rim of the Thrifty reflector.

Home lights/lamps: Retrofitting table and floor light fixtures
Most shaded lamp fixtures incorporate a wire frame harp to support the lamp shade over the bulb, and most of these harps are too small to accommodate ALZO CFL light bulbs. ALZO can supply larger harps that will allow for the use of ALZO CFL bulbs in household light fixtures that utilize harps.

Q: Do ALZO bulbs emit ultraviolet radiation?

A: ALZO full spectrum, daylight compact fluorescent light bulbs are constructed like all other fluorescent light bulbs and contain mercury vapor as the exciting plasma. The energy spectrum produced by ALZO full spectrum light bulbs includes a very small amount of UV radiation, and this energy emission level is consistent with all other types of fluorescent bulbs. The concentration of UVB radiation emitted by ALZO CFL bulbs is substantially less than the sun and is generally not considered harmful to humans. See our CFL Specifications. A human would have to be surrounded by thousands of ALZO full spectrum bulbs for many hours to receive the equivalent concentration of harmful UVB radiation of a few minutes of midday sunshine.

Also, it is generally accepted by the medical community that a small amount of UV exposure is required by the human body in order to produce vitamin D. Although it has not been scientifically proven, it is likely that the production of vitamin D produced by exposure to ALZO full spectrum CFL bulbs, in the winter months, contributes to the wellness effect.

Q: What is the difference between the 5500K and 5600K color temperature?

A: The two different color temperatures produce almost identical light output, as a 100 degree Kelvin difference is very slight. The primary difference is that the spectrum of the ALZO 5600K bulbs are matched to Kino Flo and Osram Studio Line fluorescent bulbs. This allows ALZO CFL light bulbs to be used to complement many professional lighting fixtures in video production.

In 2010, RSA (Ridley Scott Productions) incorporated over 200 ALZO 5600K CFL bulbs for a reality Web TV production promoting Budweiser Beer in South Africa during the World Cup. Today ALZO 5600K CFL bulbs are widely used in many video productions for broadcast TV.

Q: Are there any CFL environmental issues?

A: ALZO CFL light bulbs contain 2-4 mg of Mercury per bulb, in vapor form. A broken bulb dissipates this vapor very quickly, within minutes. Parts of broken bulbs and spent bulbs should be recycled. Home Depot is a major retailer with a CFL recycle program. It is unlawful to dispose of fluorescent bulbs as universal waste in the states of California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In the European Union, CFLs are one of many products subject to the WEEE recycling scheme.

To learn more about recycling compact fluorescent light bulbs in the U.S.A., visit the Environmental Protection Agency website.