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ALZO Smoothy Rig Video Camera Stabilizer


ALZO Digital


ALZO Smoothy Rig Video Camera Stabilizer

  • Sturdy and lightweight, all aluminum construction
  • Top gimbal allows for the least counterweight for stabilization
  • Top gimbal allows for ground to 8-foot high jib like moves
  • 2 adjustable length rubber hand grips reduce arm strain and improve stabilization
  • Unique camera mount allows for easy 2 dimension X/Y balancing

Perfect for the motion videographer, the ALZO Smoothy Rig is a very lightweight hand-held, top-gimbaled video stabilizer designed to support a DSLR or a small camcorder (with the addition of accessory QR plate). This is the only stabilizer that can perform smooth jib style moves from the ground to about 8 feet high, and one of the only handheld video stabilizers that you hold with two hands, which improves stabilization and makes it much easier to use. The ALZO Smoothy Rig includes a top balance weight mount with 3 stackable weights to provide proper camera balance for small cameras; accessory weights can be purchased for heavier cameras.

This top-gimbaled stabilizer keeps the rig's center of gravity below the gimbal with the least amount of counterweight. The unique camera support includes two dimension camera balance adjustment to allow for control of any camera angle, including perfect horizon. In addition, the ALZO Smoothy Rig stabilizer includes individual gimbals friction drag adjusters to customize stabilization action; two comfortable hand grips offer secure handling and stability.

The camera mounting plate included with the rig is designed for DSLRs with an anti-rotation feature. If you want to mount a camcorder on this rig, you will need the accessory "ALZO Camera Mounting Plate for ALZO Flip Flash® Bracket" shown below.

  • Camera mount includes a DSLR camera anti-rotation lock plate
  • Mount includes end screws to prevent camera accidental release
  • Shoe mount on top of gimbal is for video light or another accessory
  • Compatible with all DSLR cameras
  • Compatible with most camcorders
  • For camcorders, a camera release plate is required (assumes that the camcorder tripod mount screw is near the balance point of the camcorder)
  • Three (3) 10-ounce counterweights included for light camcorders and video cameras