ALZO Compact Bi-Color LED Panel soft light with yolk mount & AC adapto – ALZO Digital

ALZO Compact Bi-Color LED Panel soft light with yolk mount & AC adaptor

ALZO Digital


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  • Very compact size of 8 in x 8 in with yolk mount - only 3 lbs
  • Diffuse soft bright adjustable color temperature video light
  • Color temperature adjustable from warm 3200K to daylight 5600K
  • CRI > 93 @ 5600K color - Beam angle 100 degrees
  • Max output is 1500 Lux at 1m full power, at 5600K - Dimmable to 0 Lux

The ALZO Compact Bi-Color LED video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects, the perfect fill light and very useful in performing other studio and location work. Use it with the supplied AC adapter for continuous shooting, or attach 2 SONY Style NP-F Li-ion batteries for off-grid work (batteries are not included). The  ALZO Compact Bi-Color LED video light eliminates the need for color correction gels and therefore is a much brighter light source.

Constructed with 144 warm white and 144 cool white LEDs and a push-button control circuit to allow for color temperature adjustment.

Requires 2 batteries or the AC adaptor.  Batteries are not included and are sold as accessories.  Power switch selects power. Either battery or AC. the batteries should be the same age and have the same charge level. accepts SONY STYLE Li-ion battery options including: NP-Fh50, Fh30, Fh70, Fh100, NP-F550, F750, F960, F570, F770 & F970.

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