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ALZO 200 LED Umbrella Softbox 2 Light Kit 5500K with Cases and Stands


ALZO Digital


ALZO 200 LED Umbrella Softbox 2 Light Kit 5500K with Cases and Stands

  • Ultra simple and fast, no tools assembly
  • Excellent low cost, bright key or green screen light with Daylight 5500K color
  • Bright 600 watt Tungsten-equivalent light output with no heat (See Photometrics), or 12,800 lumens (4 x 3200 lumens)
  • Two 27 x 27-inch umbrella-style softbox with fabric diffuser
  • Softbox frame is very durable with double rod fiberglass

The ALZO 200 economy softbox light is bright, lightweight, fast setup and durable. It is perfect for use in small video productions and is an excellent low cost, bright green screen background illuminator. The ALZO 200 features a unique CFL mounting fixture that captures the bulbs and includes an umbrella mount and a light stand mount. The unique umbrella-style softbox opens like an umbrella with a short shaft. The shaft inserts into the light fixture umbrella mount, and then the fixture with softbox is mounted onto the light stand.

The umbrella/softbox has a zippered slit in the base for the light stand passage and the zippers provide for closure of the slit after the light angle is set. The stand mount of the fixture includes a friction adjustment to keep the light tilt firmly in place. This is a very transportable light that quickly assembles and disassembles into a small compact package. The ALZO 200 fixture takes advantage of the 3 X increased light output from the side of the CFL light bulb compared to the light output from the end. Hard to believe but true - the difference of light output from the end of a spiral CFL bulb compared to the output from the side of the bulb is near 3 times. This side orientation of the bulbs in the ALZO 200 gives the light superior output.