ALZO 300 Cool Lite Table Top Platform Kit with 2 Lights for Product Ph – ALZO Digital

ALZO 300 Cool Lite Table Top Platform Kit with 2 Lights for Product Photography

ALZO Digital


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  • Virtually eliminates under-object shadows
  • Greatly reduces image editing time
  • Working platform surface is 24 inches x 24 inches
  • 1/4 inch thick Lexan platform supports objects up to 20 pounds
  • 4 inch high Lexan legs attach to platform with screws


2 - ALZO 300 Light heads with diffusers
2 - ALZO 8 foot light stands
6 - 27 watt daylight 5600K CFL light bulbs
1 - ALZO 24 inch Lexan Rizer Platform
4 - Background Paper Sweeps - 2 White, 1 Black, 1 Neutral Gray

For shooting small objects without shadows and the heat of conventional hot lights, the ALZO 24 inch Riser Platform with the ALZO 300 Cool Lites is the perfect solution. This is an ideal combination for shooting food, cosmetics, scientific, medical and laboratory specimens or when you want a table top studio for shadow-less photography. The Cool Lights produce minimal heat on the subject and they have a 5600K daylight color temperature. The ALZO 300 Cool Lites with fabric diffuser project a very even soft light that requires no additional diffusion. If your subject is made of reflective material like glass, ceramic, metal or plastic, we recommend the ALZO 300 tent kits.

This kit is specifically intended to reduce or eliminate under-object shadows and provide a floating in air effect. This table top studio is ideal for web-based imaging where objects are floating with a pure white background. Images taken with this equipment require substantially less time in computer editing, and in many cases can be used raw. ALZO 300 Cool Lites are economical to operate and are an environmentally friendly product. This table top studio kit is ideal for shooting small objects up to 20 inches x 20 inches and less than 20 pounds. The platform provides a 24 inches x 24 inches shooting surface, and the background rises about 20 inches above the shooting surface.

Table shown in the photo is not included with this kit and is for demonstration purposes only.

  • Background paper simply clips to the top edge of platform
  • Radius bend background creates smooth white background
  • True daylight 5500K color temperature
  • 600W equivalent Tungsten light output with very little heat
  • 16 inch round reflector with softbox diffusion screen
  • Exceptional 10,000 hour bulb life
  • Very economical to operate
  • Saves energy

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