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NISSIN Di866 Mark II Power Zoom Speedlight for Nikon




NISSIN Di866 Mark II Power Zoom Speedlight for Nikon

  • Guide Number is 198 feet at ISO 100, at 105mm zoom
  • Compatible with Nikon iTTL
  • Reliable exposure under all typical shooting situations
  • Power zoom feature covers lenses from 24mm to 105mm (35mm equivalent)
  • Color LCD display to select and adjust 5 modes of operation
  • Autofocus assist light under the lens in front o the flash
  • Self-contained pop-up reflector card and flash diffuser lens for 80/20 ceiling bounce
  • Full 90-degree vertical head tilt adjustment with angle stops and markings
  • 270-degree horizontal head rotation for umbrella or wall bounce
  • Power zoom head automatic adjusts to lens focal length 24 - 105mm
  • 5 seconds recycle time at full power
  • Less than 1 second recycle time at 1/2 or lower power
  • PC connector for wireless radio trigger control
  • Power connector for connection to a portable power pack from Nissin or Quantum
  • Wireless optical TTL slave mode for off camera multi-flash usage
  • Can complement an on-camera flash
  • Shoe mount is plastic
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Do not use nickel zinc nizn batteries; if used with this flash, warranty will be voided