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ROSCO Filter Gel 12 inches x 12 inches, Color Effects Kit - 15 count

  • 15 count rainbow selection for versatile special effects lighting
  • 12 inches X 12 inches sheets clip to the barndoors of most lights
  • Color fast and dyed-in; these gels last for years
  • Gels can be layered for even more color options
Rainbow color kit for special effects lighting. The 12 x 12 inches size is a perfect fit for  LED light barndoor attachment. Cutting the filers to 8" x 8" will allow the filters to be magnetically attached to all ALZO LED light barndoor accessories. The following colors are included: Amber, Light Amber, Yellow, Light Flame, Golden Amber, Light Red, Pink, Rose, Rose Purple, Light Violet, Light Blue, Daylight Blue, Blue, Moss Green, Blue Green.