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ALZO Softbox 24 Inches x 36 Inches with Honeycomb and Ring

  • Easy and quick assembly using unique extended corner Velcro pockets
  • Removable, Velcro-attached 45-degree honeycomb
  • High reflective silvered interior
  • With Steel Rods
  • Cast aluminum ALZO speedring

Specially extended corner Velcro pockets simplify and speed up assembly. The ALZO 24 inch x 36-inch softbox is constructed of heavy-duty fabric double coated for years of flawless use. Outer surfaces are coated with black-out black, and the inner surface is made of special high reflective aluminum paint for maximum light output. Inner and outer diffusers provide ultra even soft light. The softbox comes complete with a speedring specifically for the ALZO video lights.

  • Unique extendable Velcro corners simplify assembly
  • Includes Front and inner diffusers