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ALZO Pan-L-Lite 4 light Telescoping Wheeled Hard Case

  • Holds 2 QUAD and 2 TWIN  ALZO Pan-L-Lites
  • Telescoping top adjusts height to accommodate ALZO Video-Lux light tubes
  • 1 inch thick vertical foam divider
  • Includes 2 plated steel and rubber grip handles on the ends
  • Includes 4 - 3 inch rubber wheels - 2 are fixed and 2 swivel

NOTICE: This case is NOT IN STOCK and it is built when ordered.  Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery from date of order.

This case can store and transport 4 ALZO Pan-L-Lites as 2 Quad lights and 2 Twin lights. In addition to the lights, the telescoping lid can allow for inclusion of up to 4 ALZO Video Lux tubes (8 bulbs). The case includes a 1 inch thick closed cell foam divider and foam spacers.  Although this case can be used for airline or freight shipping, additional foam padding would be needed to protect Video Lux tubes when included. Also air and freight shipping will damage the hardware of the case but probably not the contents. Made of very sturdy, high density polyethylene with steel-reinforced corners and steel handles.

Dimensions: width: 27 inches; depth: 10 inches; height:  25-30 inches.
Empty Weight: 26 pounds.