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In portrait photography, it's literally about in which light you want to be seen. 

There are two basic light sources that are used in portrait photography: continuous lights, also known as flood lights, and flash lights, also known as strobe lights or speedlights. The two methods of lighting pose different challenges, although it is safe to say that using continuous lights is easier than using flash lights, since continuous lights allow for more control and are more predictable.

Our "Continuous vs. Flash"-debate compares the two studio lighting sources in more detail.


Which one should you choose?

We basically recommend continuous lights, particularly for beginners and people who are new to portrait photography. Camera flash lights or speedlights are more difficult to operate and require experience and work best with a Pro SLR camera. ALZO offers a line of continuous lights and flash lights:


Continuous Lights


Flash Lights

ALZO studio lighting kits include continuous cool lights and hot lights. Our "Cool Lites" ALZO 600 keep the heat and the costs in the studio low. These energy efficient lights use long-lasting bulbs that produce little heat, making studio time for the subject and the photographer a pleasant experience.



A camera flash is a very powerful light source that emits a lot of light in a very short time. Like bright sunlight, flashes create clearly demarcated shadows and accent wrinkles and other minor skin defects. Experienced and skilled photographers know how to control these effects by using diffusers and other light-softening techniques.
ALZO Studio Flash Light Kits include softboxes and photo umbrellas as diffusers, combined with different strengths flash lights to accommodate the various needs for portrait photography.




If you're new to portrait photography, continuous lights will make your job easier by eliminating exposure problems and triggering issues. No more trial and error learning, but reliable eye-catching picture taking. The ease of use will also help you reduce studio time and costs.

ALZO offers a selection of accessories for portrait photography that facilitate and enhance the work in the studio: Photo backgrounds to set the contrast, a studio boom for overhead lighting, softboxes for softer light, and many other pieces of photo equipment.


Portrait photography with flash lights requires more planning and a set of accessories that add the necessary control. Avoid tripping over cables and use a wireless flash trigger. The Mini-Spot Light adds detailed lighting control and is great for creating accent hair light. No flash lighting without measuring the light: Our Pro-Line and Basic flash meters will give you accurate results.


  Continuous Lighting


  Flash Lighting







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